Looking After Your Empty Property In Valencia

If you own a flat and property in Valencia that is currently vacant, there are a number of issues you may not have thought about. Properties that are neither occupied nor for sale through a real estate agent can be at risk from several dangers. But the good news is that preventive measures can be…
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04/29/2021 0

The Dangers of Going Solo: Selling your Flat without a Professional

Sell Flat in Valencia may not be as straightforward as you might think, with some complications surprising even the most hardened real estate professional. It looks easy enough to put your flat online. The main thing is to find a buyer, right? Yet even when you find one, you’ll need to be aware of all…
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property prices in Valencia over the last years

Valencia property 2020 was not that bad! during Covid

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck last year, Valencia property market held its breath. With a sigh of relief, it now looks towards 2021 with renewed vigour. Figures released for 2020 show that neither Valencia property prices nor sales totals were dramatically affected. Armed with this data, Valencia’s property experts expect the market to normalise by…
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2021 Property market expectations

Covid-19 has had less of an impact on the Spanish property market than anticipated at the start of the pandemic. Yet with the ongoing uncertainty over the impact of vaccine programmes, forecasts have yet to identify clear trends for 2021, with reports of lower demand, higher sales and lower prices all currently in the mix.…
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Landlord’s Obligations to Pay for Repairs

¿Qué pasa cuando llega el momento que cualquier propietario teme? ¿Son las reparaciones una de las obligaciones del arrendador?

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Should I rent my Valencia Apartment?” Advantages that will cast away your doubts

Seguro que más de una vez te has hecho la eterna pregunta: “¿Es mejor vender o alquilar mi piso?”. La respuesta siempre debe estar vinculada a 3 factores:

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