Acquire your dream property

As though we were buying for ourselves

We not only help you with the bureaucratic procedures but also with our professional pro-cons analysis of the properties that fit your needs

We know each other 

Whether digitally or in person, we understand your needs and explain how we work.

We take a picture of the property market during one month before your arrival

We set a time target for the purchase once you have decided to work with us.  We begin searching for you one month in advance.

We select the properties with you

We send you emails with the details of properties that may fit your needs, including comments on their value and the area.

We organise the viewing agenda

We organise the visits over three days, allowing some time to make a second visit to the properties you are most interested in. If you can’t come, that’s perfectly fine; we’ll bring the properties to your home.

We help you decide

Once you have selected your favourite properties, we carry out an analysis per property to assist you in making the best decision.

We negociate for you

Now that we have the property you want, it is time to negotiate the conditions of the purchase for you.

We prepare your property for you

Whether you want to enjoy it yourself or rent it out, we are here to help you with whatever you need. Have a look at our property management section.

Do you want to buy your property in Valencia?