Property management

And now…what do you want to do with your property?

We at VPI make sure your project comes to life down to the last detail. Whether you want to put your property up for rent or you want to enjoy it yourself, we are here to help you in any way you need.

Rental management 

We help our clients in meeting the legal requirements towards their tenants as well as maintaining a smooth and excellent communication with them. We are always in touch with the building management in case of any incident.

Home custodian

Ideal for second home owners in Valencia. You are not here most of the year and you would like someone you trust to come by and check your property state and your post.

The home custodian is the person contacting your neighbours community president and the building administrator, in case any problem with your property should arise such as any repairs to the building.

We renovate your property

If you think your new and coveted property won’t need a finishing touch, we’re sorry to disappoint you at this point. In our experience, our customers almost always want to improve something; maybe it’s just a fresh coat of paint.

We help our clients to maintain two-way communication with the contractor and monitor the
refurbishment progress. A weekly report is provided to our clients. Reforms range from a quick makeover to a complete overhaul.

Do you need help with your property management?